Musings – contemplations or reflections ( Also considered thoughts, especially when aimless or unsystematic (

I have some unsystematic reflections to offer today…

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Swimming in 17 degree weather – oxymoronic, to say the least. Yet, that’s what I did today. No, I didn’t take a dip in Lake Erie. Clad in my down coat, clumpy snow boots and warm gloves, I drove to the indoor pool. As I entered the locker room, the sauna/steam heat hit me and I couldn’t wait to change into the suit and swim. So there I was swimming indoors as if it was summer. Between the relaxing laps and the whirlpool, I completely forgot the 17 degree weather. What a great break!

◊  ◊  ◊

It’s not often that my alma mater, Boston University, makes national news about something other than hockey. Yet, that’s what happened on Thursday. I happened to tune in just in time to hear a radio show discussing Prof. Howard Zinn’s passing. How could he pass away? Professors don’t die. They just get old. His dynamic personality, challenging the status quo, got us to think. Much of the world knows Prof. Zinn for his seminal work, A People’s History of the United States. Although I wasn’t an American History and American Political Science major, I did make sure I took one class with Prof. Zinn.

I don’t recall most of my professors from my BU years. I do recall Professor Zinn. He challenged us to think. He shocked us into opening our minds. And we learned.

◊  ◊  ◊

Birthday celebrations. I like them and want to keep having them. Some years, it’s a work day and a co-worker surprises me with a card or a balloon. On a recent milestone year (OK, so it wasn’t so recent), my co-workers treated me to a birthday luncheon. And some years, it’s nice to just “be” – go through the day easily and enjoyably. Like this year: I went out to lunch, swam, met a friend for coffee, and treated myself to a new book. Simple. Enjoyable. Yet, I was in for a surprise: family members sent me a purple floral arrangement.

I’m grateful for all the good I’ve been granted!