I attended the Consultant’s SIG meeting today – a new group for me. For a first-timer, I picked a great meeting. Valorie Bender shared five strategies that combat stress. Five – not 25, not 105, not a whole boatload – five ways that reduce some of the daily stressors. Valorie used statistics, humor, and stories to relay her information.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Exercise for 20 minutes daily – either anaerobic (like weightlifting) or aerobic (as in my favorite, swimming).
  • Meditate so that we get back to center. As Valorie says, “fear hijacks creativity.” So if we want that creativity flowing, we need to center ourselves.
  • Take three deep breaths and focus on:
    • Centering (present moment)
    • Possibility (the “me I want to be”)
    • Discovery (let go of judgment)
  • Laughter. (For more on this, refer to my earlier post, Lighten Up.)
  • A supportive network – as Chellie Campbell says, “my people.”
  • Focus on what you can control. Valorie suggested that we ask ourselves, “Is it my job to control it?”

Transitions and challenges may be stressful. And we’re growing through the process. I’ve been reminded of some key tools to use while going through those growth spurts! This presentation was a gift! Thanks, Valorie!