I never learned to juggle balls in the air. Probably because my eye-hand coordination is…well, not coordinated! I always admired those nimble folks who could deftly, carefully keep all the balls moving.

Yet, through all of my transitions, I learned to manage the changes and challenges. For example:

  • New position. I had to balance the workload, various unfamiliar processes, and of course, my personal life.
  • Moving. I dealt with different shopping routines, meeting the neighbors, and sometimes diverse weather conditions!
  • Job search. I learned innovative techniques, flexed my extrovert muscles (ouch!), and discovered my preferred venues.

So I suspect I will learn to manage the challenges of this latest transition. Just apply what I already know: move at my pace, balance the work and the personal life, and find my preferred venues.

Anyone available to help catch these balls?