I thought about several different titles for this piece, such as “watching time,” “keeping time,” “marking time,” and “moving through time. None of those captured my feeling. I’m not an outsider watching the time. Nor am I simply marking time or keeping track of the minutes and hours. I am, indeed, moving through time – yet that implied I’m just acting and reacting.

I’m alive. I breathe, eat, sleep, move, write, speak, and feel a wide spectrum of emotions. There are moments of sadness; humorous moments, frustrating seconds…all within the same day. I am living within the time I have each day. And I’m trying to live it well.

An item that tracks the time within which I live is a watch. And to track special times, I have a new timepiece. My husband gave me a gold watch, posthumously. The watch arrived after he passed away. Herschel wanted me to have nice jewelry and enjoyed giving me pretty pieces. I look at this shiny, new timepiece and feel his warm feelings for me.

The shimmering gold reminds me of the sun, which reminds me of the summer days when we met. Those were idyllic days. We were truly living together in time.

Now I am living alone, in time, and have his gift to help me continue.