All I did was pack away Herschel’s black hats into their hat box. Then I decided to toss some old small boxes that were in the front hall closet. Just cleaning up. I didn’t expect to fall apart and cry as a result of these actions. Nor did I expect to get teary-eyed while attending a lecture today.

My natural inclination is to ask, “Why?” Then again, why ask “why”? Why analyze? The passing is still so fresh.

This situation is a conundrum – I’m learning to expect the unpredictable reactions. Occasionally, I’ll be caught by surprise. My responses are rather refreshing: I’m allowing open, honest feelings to show through.

♦ ♦ ♦

I spontaneously registered for two networking events in January. Now that action really caught me by surprise! A bit of my old self  is willing to shine.