I sorted through another two bags today, and realized that sorting is a way to connect with Herschel. I found letters, post cards, and greeting cards (homemade and store-bought). Through the correspondences, I learned about the personalities of the people who were part of Herschel’s life before I knew him. Here’s what I discovered today:

  • Sam (Herschel’s dad) was a romantic; he wrote loving notes to his wife on greeting cards. Truly a sentimentalist.
  • Aunt Lil (Sam’s sister) enjoyed living in Los Angeles, CA, from where she wrote her humorous letters.
  • Herbie (Sam’s brother) didn’t write; Lil included him in her correspondences.
  • And Sarah, Sam’s wife (aka Herschel’s mom) was her husband’s equal as a romantic. I cried over the longing she expressed in her letters to her husband while he was overseas in WWII.

Of course, I continue to discover more family mementos: invitations to family events (in perfect condition); the equivalent of now-defunct green stamps, and report cards!

I uncovered some of the roots of my husband’s sentimentality. He had great teachers.