I thought I’d sleep in today – give myself a bit of a break. My body thought otherwise. I was up with the birds – whatever few are left in Northeast Ohio!

After my regular morning routine, I checked emails and made a few business calls. Then headed out for some errands and appointments. One of the providers cancelled our appointment, so that left me with, “Well, now what do I do?”

It wasn’t particularly beautiful weather, yet I didn’t mind the rain/snow mix. I opted to use the unexpected time to shop for a new comforter (courtesy of a friend’s gift to me). Yes, I searched for a purple comforter. The search was actually a hidden exercise routine: I walked for about an hour – up and down aisles and in and out of several stores. I found my reward for exercising in the last store – a light and dark purple striped comforter.

Something warm, fuzzy, enjoyable, and new. What a treat!

* * *

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