I finally made it to the optical shop to choose new glasses. Given my prescription, it was time to try progressive lenses, aka “no line bifocals.” I wonder how long it will take me to adjust to progressive lenses, once I receive them?

Progressive lenses – where did that term come from? (Anyone have any ideas?) What is “progressive” about the lenses? I learned that the lens structure is distance at the top, mid-range vision in the middle, and close work at the bottom. Apparently the eye moves smoothly from one level to the next. There’s no abrupt division as with traditional lined bifocals.

It’s interesting that this is the time to experiment with progressive lenses. Is this a metaphor for my life? There are routine small decisions I make – the close work. Yet sometimes, simultaneously, I must focus on actions that will take place in the near future – the mid-range vision.  And I cannot lose sight of the long-range decisions I will need to face – the distance vision. Some days I move through all three ranges. I notice my view shifting from close up to distance and back to the middle.

I’m moving progressively through this process. Maybe the new glasses will help me adjust my focus!

* * *

With gratitude to Herschel for providing the practical – vision insurance!