I listened to an inspiring lecture recently. The speaker described this scenario: we are in the midst of one of life’s tests and yet we can find a bright spot during that test.

Sometimes we’re in pain. Sometimes the challenges overwhelm us. There are times when our situation looks hopeless. We cannot see hope. Happy times seem impossible. Within the hard time, the speaker said, there will be something to sing about. We need to have our flashlights or candles handy so that we can see that glimmer of hope in the darkness.

Right now, my life looks dark. And it’s no coincidence that this is the darkest time of year, with the longest nights. Yet there are lights shining in many windows now. The sun appears briefly during the day. Around town, folks are smiling. I can smile. These small moments give me hope.

I see that there will be something to sing about.

* * *

I can sing warm memories of Herschel Avraham ben Simcha Yosef.