I enjoy swimming. Actually, I think I was born in the Long Island Sound! I began swimming … oh, about that long ago! And I learned most of the strokes and techniques at summer camp.

In order to receive either the senior life saving or an advanced swimmer’s certificate, we had to swim at least .25 miles in the lake, using various strokes. And we had to use perfect form. I had practiced and knew all the strokes. No big deal.

No big deal until we came to the day of the test. The morning started out overcast. We can swim with grey clouds. However, the weather quickly changed to pouring rain. We went out anyway. The counselors stood on the floating dock watching us. They tried to stay dry and keep their clipboards under protective cover. As swimmers, we had an advantage over the counselors – we were wet anyway! Yet it was hard to swim with the waves kicking up. It took extra effort to keep our strokes neat. The water temperature dropped, which meant we had to work harder to stay warm while swimming. We persevered until we completed the test.

I passed the test!

* * *

I recalled this event today while considering my recent (non-swimming) tests. I can apply the SWIM principles to life’s tests:

  • Success comes from practice
  • Wind and rain cannot detract me
  • Intensely focus on the goal
  • Make sure I have counselors

Then celebrate passing the test!

* * *

Dedicated to Herschel.