Yes, even in the midst of mourning there are celebrations.

Herschel had shared with me that he had planted a mutsu apple tree when his youngest daughter was born. That tree developed branches, leaves, and buds and eventually bore delicious fruit. While the tree is real, it is also symbolic of the growth of Herschel’s family. The branches spread out and develop new leaves and buds.

The newest bud bloomed yesterday, Saturday, December 12, 2009. Herschel’s family celebrated the birth of the first granddaughter. She joins her two older brothers in their growing family. This new life is truly a gift of light in the middle of darkness.

Let’s celebrate this birth!

* * *

Mazel tov*, Herschel! May you enjoy the new addition to your Garden!

*Colloquially, this means “congratulations.” Actually, the definition is “your luck should be good.”