Herschel passed away around 9:30pm on Saturday night, November 21, 2009. Since then, there’s a new dimension to Saturday nights. I look at the clock and watch the time, until the clock registers just before 9:30. At that point, I want to commemorate the time with some significant action.

Initially, I simply looked at the clock, called family or friends, and shared the importance of 9:30pm Saturday night. Although I still want to speak with close family around 9:30pm, that does not feel enough. There’s a spiritual need I was looking to fill.

Last week, at around 9:30pm, I decided to recite the short meaningful prayer I had said while Herschel was alive. I used to pray that Herschel be granted health, livelihood, and success in all of his activities. I use the same prayer. Now I ask that this prayer be a merit for the soul of Herschel Avraham ben Simcha Yosef to thrive in the Garden.