As I sift through my husband’s papers and photos, I’m amazed and what I discover. I find evidence of his life, his parents’ lives, and even those of his sisters. I know to look at each document as it may have some real or sentimental value.

While cleaning out his truck, I noticed a small bridal shower invitation. There were delicate flowers on the cover. “Whose shower was this?” I wondered. The invitation was to my mother-in-law’s bridal shower from the 1940s! How did the family manage to save this invitation so long? And how did it make its way into the pick-up truck? I’ll never know. I do know that this is a charming treasure.

Then there was the title and deed to my in-laws’ home. For real.

The best find so far? The poem my husband wrote for me during the summer we were engaged. Herschel wrote the poem on the back of his landscaping invoices. I am as touched now as I was then by his sincerity and thoughtfulness. And awed by the honest expression of his feelings for me. This paper is truly a gift.