For a “glass half-full” person, grieving feels out of character. The sadness and emptiness go with me most of the time. Yet…there are moments when I can focus on what’s bright and positive, on the gifts in my day. So I guess the inner optimist comes through.

I’m learning to, quite literally, be “in the moment.” I’m learning that it’s ok to experience unexpected low points during the day. At the same time, I’m learning to appreciate the sunny cold days: yes I can take a walk in 33 degree weather (as long as I’m dressed Eskimo-like)!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Be in the moment.
  • Honor my feelings.
  • Eat healthfully.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Accept sincere offers of help.
  • Handle business and feelings in my own way, on my own time.
  • Trust in a Higher Source.

Kudos and thanks to all my readers, friends, and family who are sharing their empathy and support!

* * *

I dedicate these words to the memory of Herschel Avraham ben Simcha Yosef.