In June 2004, a gentleman called me and said, “R.L. thought we should talk.” We did…for two hours. There was something very alive about this gentleman and I wanted to know more. He was genuine, gentle, straightforward, and easy-going. And he was artistic – a bonus.

Herschel and I married in September 2004, a little over five years ago. Ours was a short marriage, yet intense. We packed a great deal of growing and learning into our five years. We enjoyed celebrating our respective accomplishments and the miracle of purchasing and dedicating our home. At his essence, Herschel believed in a Higher Source and tried to do his best.

My husband wanted to give me the world. He always wanted the best for me. Most wives receive flowers to mark special occasions. Herschel didn’t just give bouquets of flowers. He planted a whole garden specifically designed to highlight my favorite color. That was his way of expressing his love for me. I’m very grateful for his love.

Coming home after the lecture on Saturday night, November 21, I expected to enjoy a hot drink and chat with my husband. I thought I’d try to put into practice one of the tips I’d learned about peace in the home. It was decreed otherwise. I accept the decree.

Herschel, may you travel quickly and safely to your ultimate Home.

* * *

Dedicated in memory of Herschel Avraham ben (son of) Simcha Yosef.