We all have routines: Get up, work, household responsibilities, eat, and go to bed. There’s probably not much joy in some of our schedules. What could we add to spice our lives up a bit? What healthy, joyful, and fun activities could we include?

I discussed this with a friend today; here are some options:

  • Center yourself. Develop your spiritual side through motivational reading or inspirational lectures.
  • Music. Play your favorite CDs while doing mundane tasks. Sing in the car or the shower! Listen to soothing music as you fall asleep.
  • Enjoyable activities. What gives you joy? A walk in the park? Watching the sunset? Bird watching? Seek out these activities once a week.
  • Weekend events. Meet up with friends or family (or both). Go out for coffee; take in a movie; visit a museum, or check out a local festival.
  • Celebrations. Create a beautiful environment with a fancy tablecloth (stunning heavy paper cloths work), simple yet elegant centerpieces (use gourds and cut branches or tapers), and wholesome food.

What joyful activities will you add to your routine?