The Home Office Link (HOL in Beachwood, OH) does it again! Our meeting presenters always provide clear, useful information for the home office and small business.

Phil Setnik ( presented at our November monthly meeting in Beachwood, Ohio. Phil de-mystified technology, shared software website information, and provided understandable guidelines about storage. He shared specifics about the latest tools (from phones to netbooks), back-ups options, and firewalls.

My take-aways were:

  • Back up my data regularly.
  • Don’t store my backed up data in the same place as my computer; store the back up off site.
  • Test the backed up data to ensure I can access it.
  • Upgrade my technology!

What are your technology needs? Do you need wireless access? Is a Smartphone or iPhone sufficient for off-site information review? If you’re not sure, find yourself a computer geek who can speak your language!

As for me – I’m meeting with Phil next week! Thanks, Phil.