Why? It’s fun, keeps you busy, and you contribute to your community or favorite organization. And there are some side benefits: you can learn new skills, augment your current skill set, and meet new people. The best part – you get to choose the organization!

Recently, a community organizer requested volunteers. She needed folks who would make calls to raise funds for that organization. I automatically said, “Yes.”

Afterwards, I tried to figure out why I automatically stepped up to the plate. Bottom line – it’s in my blood! I come from a long line of volunteers – men and women on all sides of my family. There were/are organization presidents, treasurers, founding members of organizations, and chapter leaders. These people taught me how to say “yes” when asked to help an association or club.

I spent a fun afternoon with new people in a pleasant environment. Although I didn’t learn any new skills in this gig, I broke out of my comfort zone. I was  not comfortable calling folks and asking for money. However, there was a great need and I wanted to try and help.

Where do you volunteer? What volunteer opportunities do you enjoy?