We work hard, we stay on track, and we produce great products for our clients or our employers. We deserve a break. I’m not talking about the dreamed of, fabulous, 3-week vacation. I mean a short jaunt to a local spot to take in the local flora and fauna. Enjoy a few hours at a museum. Spend an hour at a paint-your-own ceramic place…something easily accessible.

One day, we meandered east of Cleveland without a specific destination – yet with a full tank of gas! We ended up in Amish Country, sharing the road with horse-drawn buggies! What a treat – to see another mode of road transportation in action. Am I really in the 21st century? To top this off, we stumbled upon a great local produce stand. We’re going to try sweet green peppers, large golden potatoes and the biggest cantaloupe melon I’ve ever seen! The lovely Amish woman waited patiently on us, sharing the bounty of her family’s farm.

Having a destination in mind is great for “goal getting.” Sometimes it’s refreshing to veer off the road just slightly for a break and head for Destination: Unknown.