There they were – four delicate light blue eggs in the Robin’s nest perched in the evergreen tree outside my bedroom window. Waiting to hatch. I thought, “Where did this nest come from? When had the Robins built it?” I realized that the Robins had spied out a great location for their nest (high up in my evergreen tree).

During the waiting period, and as I watched, the Robins detected more materials were needed. Slowly they added twigs and leaves to their nest. They kept the eggs warm. They kept each other company, taking turns finding nourishing worms for each other.

It took weeks and I kept thinking, “When will these eggs hatch?” Mama and Papa Robin were patient. I learned patience from them.

One morning, I heard a couple of high-pitched chirps, squeals actually. The chicks had begun to hatch. By the end of that week, they had all hatched. The chicks were no longer waiting. Yet a light late spring snow fell and Mama and Papa explored the area for additional food.

Being in transition, I feel like Mama and Papa Robin. I’m waiting for a new plan, a new position to hatch. I’m building my nest, reinforcing it with the best materials. In the process, I must learn to be a spy, a detective and an explorer, just like the Robins. Additionally, I need to ensure I’m in good shape and learn all I can about this hatching process. After all, like the Robins, I’m nurturing some chicks. The chicks are waiting…and they will hatch!

 * * * * *

Bonnie Dick, a Consultant for CGI Federal Technologies and Solutions, was the inspiration behind this piece. In a job search workshop at Employment Connection, she described the chicks waiting and suggested we wear these three hats: a spy (James Bond), a detective (Sam Spade), and an explorer (Christopher Columbus). Bonnie charged me with a mission, “The chicks are waiting.” With gratitude.

Bonnie is on You Tube – check it out here.