I recently spent time with an adorable 2-year-old who is learning to share. If she had a cookie, she insisted I have one, too. If she had a balloon, why then, please give one to her older brother. And when she noticed we both had pink sandals, she was…tickled pink. (Pun intended!)

At two, we begin learning to share our cookies, toys, and belongings. We develop this sharing technique as we mature. And lately I’ve seen evidence of this development.

During past job searches, folks held their leads very close, almost regressing to the pre-2-year-old stage. We seemed to be saying, “If I tell you about this job I’m interviewing for, you might apply and then I won’t get it.” That comes from a belief that there’s not enough to go around.

In my current career search/transition phase, there’s been a shift. My fellow job seekers and I are sharing career resources, job leads, and general endurance tips. Several times a week I receive an email from a colleague describing a position they heard about and maybe it’s right for one of our group. Or an email from one of my groups has relevant career advice and announcements of networking meetings. This information exchange is refreshing and revitalizes my search!

I’ll keep the exchange going:

Have any career cookies to share? Post them here or email them me and I’ll post the information.

–Thanks to folks who sent these additional resources:

  • Jim Grant, CVJS co-founder, authored Get the Job (and Compensation) You Want. This helpful “how to” book contains concrete and helpful information for career transitions. If your funds are limited, this is THE job search book to own; it’s available from Amazon.
  • For detailed job search/career planning, company information, and online resources, check out the Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Career Information web page. The Survival Guide lists great employment, financial, legal, and social service resources.