At about 3:00 AM Tuesday morning, we heard a loud bang. What was THAT? An attack? Gun shots? Fireworks? None of those – it was simply some malfunctioned electrical device. Truly, we were in the dark. It was eerily quiet and odd – the houses across the street were fine, as were those further down our block. There were about 10 of us affected by this local blackout.

Now what? No fans, no a/c, no land line, and no computer. What was I going to do all day? Where could I go to cool off? I did get creative and find places to go and things to do. I learned that the Employment Connection location on Brookpark Road is well air conditioned! Fortunately for me, there’s a great resume clinic session on Tuesdays!

But this short, 24-hour experience got me thinking. Is there anything I can do to counter-act the dependence?

  • Call the electric company as soon as we’re in the dark.
  • Have a supply of batteries on hand for radios and flashlights.
  • Keep the fridge closed as much as possible.
  • Back up key documents often so that they are always ready.
  • Maintain a supply of drinking water.
  • Have a telephone that does not require electricity.
  • Enjoy a ride in the air conditioned car AND charge the cell phone.
  • Eat dinner out – a treat!
  • Smile (a challenge in 90 degree weather with 90 degree humidity).

I am very grateful to those electric company workers who came out at 3:00 AM the following morning to repair the malfunctioned equipment – a transformer.

My day without electricity was really a transforming experience!