Having just registered for another interesting networking event, this topic is timely. I decided to remind myself why I’m attending these events. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Why network? To connect with people. To build my social circle. To develop my community of writers. To find new venues – there are locations other than coffee shops!
  • How do I decide which events to attend? Review my schedule, the distance from my home to the event, and the subject. If there’s an open slot, the distance is reasonable (under 1 hour), and the subject is interesting, count me in!
  • Will I learn something new? My philosophy is that I’ll always learn something new. It may be from the presentation. I may learn a new tidbit from another attendee. Or I may discover a beautiful route as I travel to the event.

So over the next several weeks, I’m attending events in Lyndhurst, Independence, Hudson, and of course, Cleveland. The subjects range from technical writing to … networking! Check out my LinkedIn profile for specifics.

And I’m looking forward to the travels!